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PennDOT Approved Posts & Hardware


H.A. Weigand, Inc provides a wide range of road signs, tools, and hardware products. We help promote safety and safeguard the lives of many who work at your construction site or road maintenance projects. Administrators of towns also use our products and services to caution and promote safe-driving practices.

We create and source products from reliable and trusted manufacturers in the USA. We stock the products in bulk, which helps us to sell products at low costs and customize the order quantities. Our products are sturdy and easy to mount.

Choose from a wide range of high-quality reflective sign covers, posts, and galvanized hardware for your custom needs.

  • U-Channel
  • Round
  • Square
  • Architectural


At H.A. Weigand, Inc, we provide high-quality steel mounting accessories to modify the way you place signboards, posts, walls, poles, or just about anything.

From clamps, caps, bands, to brackets, rivets, and screws, we have it all.

We specialize in creating anti-theft hardware to secure your property.

H.A. Weigand, Inc

U-channel, Round, Square, Architectural - We Have Them All & We Buy In Bulk So You Save $$$$$$ !

H.A. Weigand, Inc

We Carry Green & Galvanized U-channel Posts Direct Drive or Breakaways Using Marion Lap-splice Hardware

H.A. Weigand, Inc

2-3/8" Round Posts 10'6" Long Galvanized for Street Name & Other Signs


Square Posts Are More Versatile & Easier To Mount Signs. Delaware & Philadelphia Spec Posts in Stock & Ready to Ship

H.A. Weigand, Inc

Big Boy Drive Caps, Reflective Sign Post Covers And In-81 Pedestal Bases Are Just a Few of The Post Accessories That We Carry! Call Us To Discuss Your Specific Needs When It Comes To Sign Posts on Your Property or Project.

We Carry A Wide Variety Of Hardware For Mounting Signs On Posts, Walls, Poles Or Just About Anything!

H.A. Weigand, Inc

Various Caps for Street Name Signs

H.A. Weigand, Inc

#800 Metro Bracket for Wall Mount And the New 12" Grip Caps and Crosses

H.A. Weigand, Inc

Stainless Steel Banding and All Types Of Sign Mounting Accessories

H.A. Weigand, Inc

Ready Made Bands with Flare Brackets Round Post Brackets Buckles & Theft Proof Hardware

H.A. Weigand, Inc

Banding Tool / One Way Theft Resistant Aluminum Bolt / Various Nut, Bolts And Stainless Steel Vandal Proof Set Screws

H.A. Weigand, Inc

Blind Rivets / Corner Bolts for Square Posts / Tuff Nuts & Special Set Screws

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