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From construction sites to whole towns, H.A. Weigand, Inc. is happy to provide the right kind of signage that meets professional standards for keeping people, places, and vehicles safe from harm. Over the years, we’ve become skilled at manufacturing just about any sign out there to meet professional, industry, and legal standards. Many of the signs you see and use every day such as stop signs, yield signs, “do not enter” signs, speed limit signs, and “no parking signs” are part of our manufacturing repertoire.

Whether you need to place a stop sign at a dicey intersection of your commercial building’s parking lot or your construction company needs a sign that indicates the road work ahead, we are glad to make the sign according to the industry’s expectations and regulations.

PENDOT Handbook of Approved Signs

Professional Signs in Phoenixville, PA
At H.A. Weigand, Inc., we know that signs are more than just pictures pasted onto metal or wood. Signs maintain the order of our roads and mitigate the possibilities of conflict, work and vehicle-related injuries, and even fatal collisions. While we take many signs for granted, signs keep everyone safe, from drivers to workers to schoolchildren and beyond. With the right kind of signage made out of high-quality materials, we can keep ourselves and our communities safe from harm for years to come.

Professional Finishes That Meet Regulations

Beyond having the right sized letting in the proper font, we know how important it is for signs to have the correct reflective finish. This way, drivers can see them even if they’ve been distracted for a split second by something else on or off the road. Reflective signs are also easier to see at night and over longer distances.

If you need a specific sign but don’t know what the current regulations are regarding that specific sign, we give our clients handouts on our website about the regulations of signs that they can download instantly. When you order a sign according to our specific regulatory speculations, you’ll save time and money by avoiding costly fines and even liabilities.

No matter where you want to post your signs, from the expressway to the freeway, their sizes have been determined beforehand. If you want to get your signage ordered and set in place as quickly and efficiently as possible, give our staff a call so we can help you get what you need when you need it.

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