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Traffic technology is changing and becoming more sophisticated as days go by. The growth of traffic technology has led to a surge in demand for traffic control products in the market in Philadelphia, PA, and globally.The need for traffic control products has given rise to H.A. Weigand, Inc. We exist to provide traffic control products. At H.A Weigand, we are ready to continue our commitment to making communities safer and easier to navigate.

High-Quality Signs & More

Philadelphia, PA, is one of the largest and busiest cities in the United States. Philadelphia is the sixth-most populated city in America. As a result, there is huge traffic requiring innovation and technology to effectively and efficiently manage. Therefore, the demand for traffic systems surges to avoid the dreaded but often experienced accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Philadelphia County has the most traffic deaths per capita in the United States. To put this in perspective, let’s take an example of the year 2020. In 2020, there were approximately 108,000 reported car accidents. To break this figure down further, it means there were at least 28 car accidents reported daily in Philadelphia, PA.

At H.A. Weigand, Inc., we have made it our mission to promote safety on our roads by providing high-quality PennDOT signs in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, we offer traffic control products, including signposts, hardware, anti-theft products and accessories, vehicle lettering, and custom banners.

Road Signs

Road signs are erected on roads to provide information or give instructions to road users. This lets motorists and pedestrians know what to expect on the road ahead. As a result, road signs have played a significant role in reducing road accidents.

There are very many professional signs for the road. This is because a lot of communication happens on the road, and most communication is done through signs. These road signs are therefore divided into different categories to indicate the seriousness of the communication a road sign is passing. These different road sign categorizations include:

Regulatory Signs: Regulatory signs tell a motorist to do what the sign says per the law. These are signs that you will break the law if you overlook what they are saying. They include but are not limited to stop signs, yield signs, speed limit, handicapped, no entry, and one-way traffic.

Warning Signs: Warning signs alert road users of unexpected or dangerous conditions ahead. A motorist should pay attention to these signs, as failure to observe the road sign might lead to catastrophic results. Examples of warning signs include object markers, railroad signs, dead ends, advisories, and speed bumps.

Construction Signs: Construction signs are temporary. They are used to identify an ongoing construction project. Examples of construction signs are but are not limited to flagger signs, utility work, survey crew, loose gravel, and lane ends.

School Signs: School signs are signs that are most likely to be found near schools. Motorists ought to be careful while driving past learning institutions. Examples of school signs include school area signs, crossing signs, campus signs, slow children, and bus stops.

Guide Signs: Guide direct travelers to the correct exit channel, such as in malls, airports, exits for cities, and other destinations. The guide signs help reduce confusion which can lead to traffic jams or worse accidents.

H.A Weigand, Inc has extensive experience and knowledge, and we create quality road signs and tailor them to meet your needs. Whatever communication you want to put up on the road, we will produce it for you.

H.A. Weigand, Inc creates high-quality signs to promote road safety in both towns and construction sites. Our products come with seven, 10, or 12 years of guarantee, depending on the type of reflective sheets you choose.

Road Sign Posts and Hardware

Road signs, posts, and hardware enable one to install parking and traffic signs correctly. For the road signs to be visible, they have to be mounted. Mostly they are mounted on posts.

Below are examples of posts and accessories we offer to mount road signs effectively.

  • Tubular posts
  • Square posts
  • Post clamps
  • Brackets
  • Base and standards
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Galvanized and green channel posts.

These sign posts and accessories come with various clamps and screws, ensuring durability and meeting the customer’s needs.
Not sure what post and hardware to pick? At H. A Weigand can help you find the right products for the sign application you intend to have. Visit us for great discounts and more information.

Anti-theft Products and Accessories

We also create anti-theft products to help safeguard signboards and traffic control products. Such as ready-made bands with flare brackets and round posts which are theft-proof.

Flags and Flashers

A traffic flag is used temporarily when traffic conditions are constantly changing. For a traffic flag to be fully effective, it should have the following features.

  • Portable and sturdy design
  • Made from mesh and heavy-duty vinyl for durability
  • Bright orange or red for immediate visual capture for motorists

Traffic flashers can also direct motorists on whether to stop or go.

Cone Top Lights

Cone top lights come in handy and act as temporary lighting using existing traffic cones. A good cone top light should be fitted with foam fit and batteries for durability.

Need Traffic Control Products?

Traffic accidents are problematic for residents of Philadelphia, PA. Therefore, there is a need for safer roads. This can be achieved by observing speed limits and following set traffic laws. In addition, traffic signs are essential to ensure that all communication on the road is done promptly and effectively.

H.A. Weigand, Inc is the manufacturer of premium signs, offering a wide variety of traffic control products in Philadelphia, PA. We pride ourselves in the following:

  • We use 3M manufacturing sheets to create high-quality and durable signs.
  • We ship every consignment using premium packaging materials.
  • A high degree of customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with any of the products, materials, or workmanship, we assure you that the products will be replaced.
  • Warranty of up to 12 years

Get in touch with us, or call (610) 935-7770 and enhance road safety by purchasing our high-quality traffic signs.

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